Todd Bezold

Artist's Statement

Intrigued by art and biological sciences I have pursued a career in both. I have always been fascinated by the artistic aspects of nature and equally with the evolution, distribution and classification of plant species. As a botanist I approach painting with knowledge of differences in morphological characteristics and how these differences define plant species from one another in the landscape.

Through oil painting my intent is to represent a specific quality of light as it emanates from and around the subject.  Choosing a specific time of day and returning to it to paint again and again enhances my ability to render an atmosphere that is representative of that period or weather condition.  I enjoy the immediacy and painterly qualities of smaller works painted on location.  Also, working on larger pieces at home allows me to concentrate on the subtle hues of light within a specific time period. My compositions have an established foreground with multiple distant views that become secondary paintings framed by the foreground.

At home and on vacation, painting provides the opportunity to contemplate my surroundings; being absorbed in a process where I become acutely aware of objects, colors and space.  As a result my memories of these places are vivid and I have the opportunity to converse with people that pass by.



Pond Reflections, oil

Summer II, oil

Summer Greens, oil

Spring, oil

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