Karole Moe

Artist's Statement


Stripes have inspired me for many years. As an artist I have always used stripes to build layers and depth into my work. For me, the line itself means a great deal in the emotion it can provoke. Color is also a wavelength that I incorporate into everything I do as an artist and as an interior designer.


This collection brings together my two passions in a way that allows me to challenge what I have learned as an artist and to evolve a medium that resonates with the public. I am blessed that all kinds of people are drawn to my work and find something joyful in the colors or the context.

The greatest compliment is when people see Rothko in my stripes or Pollack in my use of color. As I admire the work of both these abstract masters.

Espresso Bar and Painting - Private Collection

Coffee Table and Paintings - Private Collection

Fire, oil and acrylic

Surf, oil and acrylic


Surf Bench

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