Lindsay Parker

Artist's Statement

I am a self-taught painter and I have been fine-tuning my artistic abilities for the past 25 years.

 In my work, I strive toward preserving the objective details of a place and time as they exist in my memory; abstracted, distorted and exaggerated to convey the intensity of the moment as it was experienced.


When painting, I often focus more on spatial tension and the saturation/contrast of colors, rather than on the specific traits of identifiable forms and locations.  I’m most inspired by scenes and subjects that are in a general state of flux or transition; dawn, dusk, passing storms, or people waiting for something to happen.




Fog on Meadow, oil

Warming Up, oil


Room with a View, watercolor

Flood Plains II, watercolor

Brief Thaw, oil


Sunrise, oil


Dusk, oil

The Blue Hour, oil


Morning Fog, watercolor

Outer Banks, watercolor

Sea and Sun, acrylic and watercolor

Sea and Sun III, acrylic and watercolor

Sea and Sun IV, acrylic and watercolor

Sea and Sun V, acrylic and watercolor

Winter Evening, oil

Tempest, watercolor


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