Jody Regan

Artist's Statement


My path to the present has been nontraditional.  My mother was a prolific and talented artist.  I was raised surrounded by art – hers and those she collected, but I didn’t consider painting as more than a hobby until I ended a long software-engineering career.  Painting opened a new world to me; the world of creating and teaching; which led to becoming a middle school math teacher as well.


I know what painting has given and continues to give me. I am blessed to have discovered the meditation to painting, to have shared that special relationship of artist/student with my mother, to feel the joy of intense thinking and discovery that painting brings each and every time I step to my easel; to find myself sitting or standing for hours observing the glory of nature in a way I never would have without painting; to revel in the unraveling of each new puzzle that painting presents; to revel in guiding my students to unravel each new painting puzzle I present to them; to enjoy the fabulous, creative artist friends I have made; to feel all my senses activated while painting.  Painting has changed my life, and continues to do so.  I am blessed.




Island Retreat, oil

Keeper's Cottage, oil

Quiet Cove, oil

Southern Vista, oil

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