Francine Schrock

Artist's Statement


I enjoy the challenge of capturing the atmospheric differences in my landscapes.  I also enjoy bringing present, places that people may have never been, or reminding people of the places where they’ve had special experiences; because…it is in these places that we find ourselves.


My work is about the spirit of place.  My primary interest is in capturing those intangible qualities that define and give life to a certain place or thing. Spirit is what makes something recognizable.  It is the essence of a thing. Recognition by definition allows for a level of comfort, and relatedness. 


A feeling of being a part of something or being in the painting is what is important to me.

Starlet, oil on panel

Arrival, oil on panel

Nearing, oil on panel

Burn, oil on panel

Coupling, oil on panel

Pine View Lake III, oil on panel

River Bed, oil on panel

Morning Fog, oil on panel

Crash, oil

Ocean Water, oil

Caribe Teal, oil

Black Barns, oil

Crash, oil

#13, oil

#10, oil

#34, oil


#14, oil

#18, oil

#19, oil

#28, oil

Arizona Sunset, oil

#47, oil

Crimson, oil


Green and Flesh, oil

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