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Welcome to my boutique online gallery!  My name is Tracey Sharpe and I'd like to invite you to browse the art from the incredible group of artists I'm proud to represent.  As a boutique art gallery, I personally select and limit the number of artists to represent.  This allows me to be thoroughly acquainted with and knowledgeable about the artists. 

The Sharpe Gallery is located in Kennebunkport in the beautiful state of Maine.  As for me, I'm originally from California, but I've spent most of my life in New England.  I've been a resident of Kennebunkport since 2007.  My passion for art stems from my original desire to be an artist.  However, my career veered to one in the financial industry rather than as an artist.  Because of this, I now indulge my passion by supporting those who are pursuing their dream by providing a means to exhibit their work.

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Meet the artists

Christopher Cart

As a young “starving artist”, I started out as a sculptor in Guadalajara, Mexico, carving masks, and modeling figures in clay.  But I found the lure of the brush too much to resist.  And the best advice given to me back then by an old artist was, “Draw, draw, draw.”  I have never stopped.

Sandra Leinonen Dunn

Though I do not consider myself a particularly religious person, I can say without hesitation that art has been my one indisputable 'God-given' talent.  People often envision an artist's time in the studio as relaxing, peaceful, and rewarding.  Yet, it is often full of self-doubt, frustration, angst, and demons.  When things are going well in the studio, art is like a meditation.  It takes me away from the 'chatter' of the world of left-brain thinking, and gives me the right-brain experience where words don't exist.  I have lived in Maine all of my life although travel is my second passion behind painting.  My home and studio are in the town of Chelsea, Maine.

Tim Gaydos

I paint directly from life. For landscapes this requires working in sometime arduous circumstances often requiring me to walk long distances carrying all my gear. I feel the emotional impact and energy of a place is best captured when one is experiencing it with all one's senses. For me the composition of a painting is its most important technical aspect; the stronger the composition, the greater the impact.

In recent years I have been moving more and more toward abstracting the landscape by eliminating detail, simplifying shapes, and exaggerating colors with the intent of creating stronger composition. In the studio I study the paintings and often adjust the compositions. I will then go back to the actual scene and continue to work. This process may go on for some time.


Sarah Gorham

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, traveled broadly, and then settled in Maine because of the proximity to water and the beautiful natural landscape.  For ten years I was an elementary-to-middle school art teacher before joining the Art Department at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine.  My love of art was very much influenced by my talented grandmother who was an avid gardener, pastel and watercolor painter.  My love of teaching stems from a desire to encourage, nurture and entrust students with a love of seeing, depicting, and celebrating the natural world through painting.

Michael Guinane

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I began drawing and painting at a young age.  It was always with me in some way and with much support, I was able to enhance these skills through special courses in school and at the art museum.  This led me to move to Ohio to attend Columbus College of art and Design.  After graduating, I stayed in Columbus to be part of the rapidly growing city which embraces and helps the art community flourish.  In much of my work you will notice my inspiration comes from the history of these places.  Although I've always lived in the Midwest, I have found traveling as another source of inspiration.  Capturing the moments I have witnessed brings the greatest joy and truth to my paintings.  From Europe to the Caribbean, the shores of Maine to the farms of the Midwest, I find the greatest thing an artist can capture are their own experiences.

Linda Murray

I have lived in the Kennebec River Valley in Maine most of my life except for a brief period where I lived in Boston and then Glasgow, Scotland.  My husband and I have traveled throughout Europe and also enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.  I find these places have affected my work and how I see the world.  The people I have met along the way have also inspired me to think of the nature of the human experience in different ways.  When I am not in my studio I enjoy walks in the woods and spending time on the water.  I also cherish the company of my four grandchildren watching their sports events, dance recitals, creating with them in my studio or building something imaginative with Legos.  It provides my life with balance.  While I enjoy traveling because it freshens my point of view, I am always glad to get back in Maine.  This is where my heart is.

Pamela Reynolds

I believe that the closest parallel to my art and process is the music of jazz.  Just as jazz is improvisational and free-form and just as jazz is often self-referential using repetitive call and response patterns, my work is largely improvisational and usually in dialogue with itself.

H.M. Saffer II

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing or painting; even during my career as a music producer/writer in New York City.  I still continued to paint and show my artwork whilst an owner/chef of four restaurants, two of which were in Paris, one in Ibiza, Spain, and one in Massachusetts.  When I left these businesses and moved to Japan, I told my wife, Hisayo, that I would like to try painting full-time for a living.  She agreed to my idea and I went on to make a very nice living in Japan with my artworks on paper.  After the economic bubble burst for the Japanese economy in 1994, I was forced to move back to the United States.  I tried selling my artworks on paper but was not successful.  To support my artist career, I took a job as a waiter and changed my style of painting to oils.  However, it took a while to develop a new style.  After I saw an exhibition of Gustav Klimpt landscapes, I decided to try pointillism.  Little-by-little, I acquired gallery representation and started to make a living with my artwork.  Every year, there are ups and downs, but I am very content with my life, and my art is still evolving.  I can’t think of a better, satisfying and fulfilling way to live my life.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” - Pablo Picasso

Carol Santora

All my life I have felt a special connection to animals.  As an artist, I express that connection, those feelings, in paint. In over 30 years of painting, no subject has ever called to me the way that animals do.  My paintings are a window into their spirits and souls—their energy, movement and physical presence.  Emotion, my love for animals, is predominant in my work.

Julliette Tehrani

I started painting as a child, but never fully pursued my passion.  Instead, I had a successful career as a senior executive in finance.  Now, on retiring I have returned to painting.  Admiring the French and American Impressionists, I discovered inspiration in Europe while I was still involved in my business career.  This breakthrough came when I first painted in Monet’s gardens at Giverny.  I currently paint in studios at my homes in Stamford, Connecticut and on the French Riviera.

 New Arrivals by Michael Guinane

"Old Havana Alley" 16 x 13 (Framed) Acrylic and Dry Brush on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Michael Guinane


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We are excited to be showcasing artwork at The Colony Hotel this season!
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The Colony Hotel, 140 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine

We invite you to visit the Colony Hotel located at 140 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine for exhibits this summer featuring many of our great artists.

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