A Winter Road Trip 2018

Late January, we set off from Maine for a 2,700-mile road trip!  Our first destination was Columbus, Ohio where The Sharpe Gallery artist, Michael Guinane lives and works.  Michael gave us a tour of his studio and a short demonstration of his painting process.  While there, we went gallery hopping and sightseeing around Columbus.  One fascinating sculpture at the Columbus Convention Center was the "As We Are" human head by Matthew Mohr.  "It's a fourteen-foot, 3-D universal human head made from ribbons of ultra-bright, LED screens.  In the back of the neck is a photo booth capable of taking 3D pictures.  Once a visitor has their picture taken, they step out of the booth and their head is displayed on the giant head."

From Ohio, we drove to Kentucky to visit gallery customers and stayed at the 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington.  I was particularly fond of the Endangered or Decaying Environments artwork by Marco Veronese and Fabiano Parisi.

Nashville was our next destination and as anyone who has been there can attest to, it's beyond description - so much to see, experience, and do!  You simply have to visit rather than read about it!  From there, we made a quick drive through Jack Daniel's home of Lynchburg.  Before arriving in Asheville, North Carolina, we drove through Chattanooga and stopped at Lookout Mountain and traveled through the breath-taking Smokey Mountains.

We started heading back north stopping in Richmond, Virginia for one night before our longer stay in Washington, DC where gallery customers/friends always welcome us with the utmost hospitality.  The only thing missing from this trip was more time to spend at each destination!