Christopher Cart

As an easel painter, Cart works primarily in oils and watercolors.  He is a native Mainer who also spent 8 years in Guadalajara, Mexico and many years in Seattle, Washington.  Returning to Maine in the 90’s, he now lives with his wife, painter Jen Cart, in Hallowell, Maine where they raised their two children.  As he says, “My bones are solidly New England, but my blood picked up the dusts of Mexico and a bit of rust from the Northwest along the way.”

Cart is currently finishing a commissioned pair of “official” portraits of the founders of the Elsie and William Viles Charitable Foundation, which will be unveiled later this spring.

In 2016, Cart finished a new 22-foot mural for Bath, Maine—Spirit of Bath, City of Ships.  Following that, he completed a large commission for the new Lithgow Library in the State’s Capital.  This commissioned painting is called Stories from the Mezzanine and is of authors and library patrons from today and yesteryear browsing the library stacks alongside Huck Finn, Pip and Hester Prynne, brought to life as well.

In 2015, Christopher Cart completed his large 14 x 40-foot mural, Kennebec, commissioned for the lobby of the new Capital Judicial Center, in Maine’s capital city.  The mural tells the story of the people of the Kennebec River with over 50 figures from 500 years of living and working on the river.

Cart completed another mural called Absent Friends showing an old working granite quarry from the 19th century.  Also, a large oil painting entitled, “Inside.” was accepted in the exhibit, Transforming Violence, against domestic abuse.

Christopher Cart studied art and art history at the University of Washington, Seattle and Coker College, South Carolina.  After leaving school he began selling his paintings and sculptures at several galleries in the Seattle area.  Now he is represented by galleries in his native New England region.