Post Pop-up Art Exhibit

When a collector extends an invite, we accept!

Michael Guinane and I were pleased to accept an invitation to visit a Sharpe Gallery customer's newly-renovated home in Kennebunk.  I had been to their home before and knew of its already top-of-the-line interior, exterior, and landscaping features, so I was curious to see its new look.  Their home is filled with numerous pieces of fine art collected over the years, as well as fine antiques and family heirlooms.  Michael and I were delighted to see his period piece painting that Mark and his wife, Kris, acquired in 2013 situated perfectly above the master bed, as seen in the adjacent photo.

Mark, the gracious host that he is, opened a 1990 bottle of Chateau Figeac and then gave us a full tour of their home, pointing out the stunning craftsmanship throughout.  There is endless hand-crafted detail in every room that one could only describe as work of art.  But it doesn't stop there; even the interior design choices by Mark and Kris are spectacular, which were arranged by Hurlbutt Designs of Kennebunk.  Mark is an intelligent retired corporate attorney with a vast knowledge of art, fine wines, and more - - so, you have to love a wise man who also has a playful personality enough to ask us if we all could fit into one of their showers!

When we returned to the kitchen, Mark expressed his interest in one of the only two horse paintings in Michael's solo show of mainly paintings of France.  Already in their collection is one of Guinane's horse scene paintings, so I wasn't surprised to hear of his interest in another.  Mark opened a 1995 bottle of Chateau Meyney and they became the owner of "Trotting".

Mark and Kris have not only collected several Guinane and other works of art from The Sharpe Gallery, but have also been huge supporters of the gallery - always recommending it to others, attending every art show and introducing new people to me.  My gratitude is beyond measure.  Thank you, Mark and Kris!